Exploring the RNA world, discovering new modes of regulation and how they are used throughout biology from yeast to stem cells.


Photo of Stan FieldsStan Fields

University of Washington – Seattle

Functional genomics
We collaborate with Stan Fields’ group to develop methods to analyze mRNA regulation on a genome-wide basis, including the three-hybrid system and genomic tethered function assays.

Collaborative papers

Judith KimblePhoto of judith Kimble

University of Wisconsin – Madison

Regulatory networks in the C. elegans germline
Our collaboration with Judith Kimble’s laboratory focuses on a network of mRNAs and proteins that together help coordinate development of a complex tissue, the germline.

Collaborative papers


Jerry YinPhoto of Jerry Yin

University of Wisconsin – Madison

Dr. Yin focuses on the molecular mechanisms of learning and memory, using Drosophila. We collaborate on aspects of mRNA control in the nervous system.



Traci HallPhoto of Traci Hall

NIH Research Triangle Park, NC

Our collaboration with Traci Hall focuses on the structural analysis of mRNA regulatory proteins.

Collaborative papers