Exploring the RNA world, discovering new modes of regulation and how they are used throughout biology from yeast to stem cells.


wdt_ID Postdoctoral Fellows Dates Current Position
1 Pete Wigley 1987-1989 Manager, Research Ethics and Integrity, Flinders Univ, Australia
2 Diane Church 1989-1991 Coordinator, Parkinson's Center at DHMC
3 Rock Pulak 1992-1995 Global Director of Life Sciences at Union Biometrica, Holliston, MA
4 Kathy Takayama 1991-1994 Associate Provost and Exec. Dir. of the Center for Teaching and Learning and Adj. Professor, Brown University
5 Jonas Astrom 1995-1997 Manager, StraTech, Uppsala, Sweden
6 Nicola Gray 1996-1999 Professor, MRC Human Genome Inst, Edinburgh, SCT
7 Lena Nielsen 1997-1998 Director Upstream Process Development pa CMC Biologics A/S, Denmark
9 Scott Ballantyne 1991-2002 Professor, UW-River-Falls
10 LiaoTeng Wang 2002-2004 Lawyer/Founder, 101Legal.com
11 Tania Gonzales 2003-2004 Associate Program Director, Product Development Regulatory at Genentech, Inc.
13 Aaron Goldstrohm 2001-2008 Professor, University of Michigan
14 Alana Doty Beadell 2011-2013 Postdoc, University of Chicago
15 Melanie Preston 2011-2016 Scientific Instructional Designer, Promega, Madison, WI
wdt_ID Graduate Student Training Period Current Position
1 David Zarkower 1983-1989 Professor, Director-Developmental Biology Center, University of Minnesota
2 Laura Conway 1983-1989 Professor and Assistant Director, Genetic Counseling, Arcadia University
3 Michael Sheets 1983-1990 Professor, UW-Madison
4 Vivian Bardwell 1984-1989 Professor, U of MN-Minneapolis
6 Catherine Fox 1985-1990 Professor-UW-Madison
7 Wayne Forrester 1987-1993 Associate Research Professor of Medical Genetics, Indiana University at Bloomington
8 Andrea Bilger 1987-1994 Associate Scientist, Department of Oncology, UW-Madison
9 Don Gillian-Daniel 1989-1996 Associate Director, DELTA Program, UW-Madison
10 Sunnie Thompson 1992-1997 Professor, University of Alabama
11 Beilin Zhang 1992-1998 Technical Leat at MobLab, Inc, Pasadena, CA
12 Aaron Barkoff 1992-1998 Patent Attorney, Shareholder McAndrews, Held and Malloy, Ltd., Chicago, IL
13 Brian Kraemer 1993-1999 Research Associate Professor, Seattle VA Puget Sound Health Care System, Seattle, WA
14 Katherine Evans 1997-1999
15 Jeffery Coller 1995-2000 Associate Professor and Associate Director of The Center for RNA Molecular Biology, Case Western Reserve University
16 Kris Dickson 1995-2000 Freelance Science Editor and Writer, Greater Boston Area
17 Cameron Luitjens 1995-2002 Patent Attorney, Patent Product Specialist, Thomson Reuters, Minneapolis, MN
18 Natascha Buter 2001-2005 Technical Services Scientist, Promega, Madison, WI
19 Brook Simon 2001-2004 Laboratory of James Malter
20 David Bernstein 1998-2005 Assistant Director of Research Policy at American Society of Clinical Oncology, Alexandria, VA
21 Daniel Seay 1999-2006 Dentist in Murfreesboro, TN
22 Brad Hook 2000-2007 Senior Applications Scientist, Promega, Madison, WI
23 Jae Eun Kwak 2001-2008 Research Scientist, Korean Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology
24 Labib Rouhana 2001-2008 Assistant Professor, Wright State University
25 Laura Opperman 2002-2008 Patent Scientist, Michael Best 7 Friedrich, LLP
26 Craig Stumpf 2000-2010 Research Scientist, eFFECTOR Therapeutics, Inc, San Diego, CA
27 Jacqueline J. Chritton 2006-2011 Manager of Reports and Metrics, Pharmacy OneSource, Madison, WI
28 Amy Cooke 2006-2011 Assistant Professor of Biology, Haverford College
29 Yvonne Koh 2007-2011 Scientific Officer, The BioFactory Pte, Ltd, Singapore
30 Jacqueline Baca LeGendre 2006-2012 Biotechnology Professional, San Francisco Bay Area
31 Daniel Wilinski 2008-2015 NRSA Postdoctoral Trainee, University of Michigan
32 Cary Valley 2009-2015 Scientist III, sanofi Genzyme, Waltham, MA
33 Douglas Porter 2009-2015 Postdoc, Kimble Lab, UW-Madison
34 Shruti Waghray 2010-2015 Postdoctoral Scientist, Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Carlsbad, CA
35 Christopher Lapointe 2009-2016 Postdoctoral Scientist, Stanford University Medical School
36 Hugo Medina 2013-2019
37 Brian Carrick 2015-present
wdt_ID Undergraduate Student Dates Current position
1 Steve Ogg 1984-1988 Post-doctoral fellow, University of Dundee, SCT
2 Nicky Benkers 1996-2000 Graduate Student, U of WA, Genetics
3 Matt Wylie Scientist
4 Sherry Aw Research Fellow, Institute of Molecular & Cell Biology (IMCB), A*STAR, Singapore
5 Mia Defino Fonda PhD student, U of WA
6 Leah Gross
7 Laurel Bessey 2007-2010 Medical School, UW-Madison
8 Andrew Prigge 2007-2010 Resident, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
wdt_ID Scientist & Support Staff Dates Current Position
1 Pauline Stephenson 1983-1986 Project Leader, Comparative Genetics Unit, Johns Innes Institute, Norwich, UK
2 Mary Whitmer 1990-1992
3 Liz Barlow 1992-2006 Research Specialist, UW-Madison (Now retired)
4 Carol C Pfeffe 1993-2021 University Services Associate 2 (Now retired)
wdt_ID Visitors & Collaborators Dates Current Position
1 Jonathan Hodgkin Professor of Genetics, University of Oxford, UK
2 Maria Gallegos Professor